About Kellie

I could tell you the standard stuff, mom of 2, grew up inner city Chicago but that's not what you really want to hear is it? You want to know that I can help grow your business and what brought me to the conclusion that I could do so right? Well, I stumbled onto something that most people should take as common sense in business but I have learned, common sense is not common. 

I have duplicated the process of relationship marketing in few different sectors and differing markets as well. It has allowed me to stay booked, initially as a personal trainer (I am a former national level fitness competitor) and it helped me grow a 6 figure business in 2 different segments of Real Estate. I honestly didn't realize the value in the process I was using until I moved into a brand new market. In April 2015 I moved to a brand new city where I knew no one and by October 2015, I was closing $4.4M in revenue. I now teach others how to use the methods I used to be able to create this type of revenue for themselves. ​

Why am I now teaching this? Well, in February 2016 I was diagnosed with lupus and told I needed to retire. So at the ripe old age of 46 I sold all I owned and took off for Thailand. I initially left the States and went to Nicaragua, then on to Thailand where I settled before taking off for Malaysia and Hong Kong. I am traveling the world with the earnings from the methods I now teach and almost 2 years since selling my last home, I STILL get referrals. If you are not seeing this type of success in your sales business, I won't say you should hire me because that may sound arrogant to some but I will say you should hire me because that will sound like I can help to some 🙂

I love learning and I love teaching, more importantly beyond that, I truly enjoy seeing others succeed so even if you don't work with me I just get joy from knowing others are doing things they love doing. Everything I do, I do with a win, win in mind. If you decide to work with me and it doesn't work for both of us, I will definitely let you know that you are not a good candidate for me. So now you know more about me than when you started. I look forward to learning more about you as well. ​

Kommon Sense with Kellie

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