You Have Everything You Need To Be Happy

Some days I fancy myself a philosopher. Not really, I’m kidding but I have learned a thing or two about what really matters in life. I was once a 6 figure income earning Real Estate girl. Winning awards and making people happy as they built new homes and new memories. ┬áDuring those moments when a contract was signed or keys were handed over, I saw a lot of happy smiles. I always found it interesting that the most joy was not in the actual house but in the memories created in those moments. There were photos of families smiling at closing tables not in front of their new homes. There were smiles with pieces of paper at the table after a contract was signed. When I decided to sell all of my things and move to another counrry, I thought that I would be sad as my earthly belongings went to new homes. What Ihave learned is that happiness is a state of mind. We don’t find our happiness in things, we find them in moments.

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Kellie McRae, the force of nature known as The Hurricane In Heels. After a 17 year career in Real Estate and running a successful fashion blog called Sexy Bags & Shoes, she was forced to start her life all over again after a diagnosis rocked her world. After her diagnosis, she sold everything she owned in search of quality healthcare and moved to Thailand where she started sharing the wealth of knowledge that she learned in sales and as a laptop entrepreneur. She now does her best to inspire, motivate and lift others to their greatness through motivational speaking and podcasting.

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