How to Counteract Negative Things In Your Life

I am a joy junkie, it has been decided. I live on finding silver linings and the positive things even in the negative. I have been this way for most of my life, I find that things are easier if you can find a way to swallow that bitter pill by making it sweeter.

I learned that there are a lot of things that affect our moods, how we percieve ourselves and even how we treat others. I pay close attention to these things and how they make me feel deep down.

One of the things I do to counteract the negativity is to journal. When I was a kid, there were no blogs that you could make private, I took the chance that my siblings would find my deepest thoughts and share them with the world but now you can create online journals that are password protected and you are free to be real with yourself. Any dark or ugly thoughts I have, I put there. How does this counteract negativity you ask? Well for one, you are open about what you are truly feeling and it allows you to examine it to figure out why you feel that way. When I see things in my journal after just free writing, I review it. I don't just toss it down and walk away from it. Getting up close and personal with your feelings is a good thing because you know there is something going on with you long before anyone else does.

I limit how much news I am getting. Why do you need to know all the nonsense that is going on in the world if you can't change it or it does not affect you. Genocide going on in another country is sad but unless you're going to become an advocate or have family there that is affected by that, why is this relevant for you to know? It only serves to make you sad and feel helpless. You get to decide what you take in and if it is something that you can make a difference with. If you can't change it, control it or contribute in some way, leave it behind.

What are you watching on TV? For me, I personally have not had cable in over a decade and I still manage to know what I need to know. I do occasionally use sites that allow me to watch things like Touched By an Angel, happy television is what I look for. If your life it filled with violent television shows, reality shows filed with angry people and things of that nature. Don't you know that stuff soaks in. There was a tie when people would have disagreements in real life and they handled them rationally and calmly, it seems the more bad behavior we witness, the more we display those same behaviors. We even encourage others to exercise bad behavior, someone step in front of you in line, folks will tell you, "I would have pushed her out of the way and said, uh uh honey, get to the back" we see the youtube videos that go viral of people fighting over silly things like a parking spot. Sad.

I have a challenge for you. Take 5 minutes one day a week and just write down all the things you are grateful for. To some, this will sound like a daunting task because you will think of all the big things but the smile of your child, a great cup of tea, a truly delicious meal, waking up, having a source of income are all things to be grateful for and all things many take for granted. We wake up and grab our phones and let the negativity right into our bedrooms as our days start. I challenge you to start your day with gratitude.

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Kellie McRae, the force of nature known as The Hurricane In Heels. After a 17 year career in Real Estate and running a successful fashion blog called Sexy Bags & Shoes, she was forced to start her life all over again after a diagnosis rocked her world. After her diagnosis, she sold everything she owned in search of quality healthcare and moved to Thailand where she started sharing the wealth of knowledge that she learned in sales and as a laptop entrepreneur. She now does her best to inspire, motivate and lift others to their greatness through motivational speaking and podcasting.

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