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What is the Freedom Pass?  It's a way for you to get free from your 9 to 5! Here in the Idea to Income Academy, you will learn from industry experts who understand fear, budget and the pitfalls for you to avoid as you start your journey into learning how to earn a location independent income.

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Who's In The Hotseat

Katherine Dunn-Elonga

I "met" this amazing woman when we were both investing in our futures in a course and just found her to be real and refreshing. I have enjoyed watching her journey from corporate America to freedom! 

Kat has more than 16 years of experience creating learning and development programs for some of the most recognizable brands such as Verizon Wireless, Ocean Spray, The Internal Revenue Service, and The United Way. 

She took those skills and turned her life into one that allows her to be location independent. Based in Atlanta, Georgia she has been featured on all of the mainstream news channels and is part of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council. 

I am excited to share her story with you!

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Alex Turner

Alex was living the life that looked like a dream from the outside but for her it was a nightmare. She started feeling the toxic things that stress brings on, illness and anxiety. She chased a lot of things thinking they would help but they all kept bringing her back to yoga. She decided that in spite of the education and societal pressures to conform by having a traditional job, that she was through with it all. She decided to pursue her passion and hasn't looked back.  

She says "Freedom is the metric for success in my life. It makes up my double bottom line. And as a bonus, I now have fresh mangoes and papaya for breakfast, from the garden." I'm looking forward to learning more about her holistic approach to business and life. I hope you will tune in!

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Violeta Potter

Copy sells and those who can write it rule the marketing world.  Violeta is a graduate of UCLA and has run a small magazine in the Los Angeles area and this changed here life. She learned a lot about herself and her desire to become an entrepreneur was born from this experience. 

Violeta is a new mom and has been running her business on her terms after realizing she had some "mad-sick persuasion skills" that helped her hone the copywriting skills that her clients now pay top dollar for.  If you have the gift of being able to put your words in such a way that people are lining up to pay you and your clients, you want to make sure to tune in for this episode. 

Get all access to all of the interviews and more! Join the Idea to Income Academy today! 

Chris Norton

Chris Norton is a friendly guy who had no issues with me eavesdropping on his conversation in a local coffee shop. This nosey part of me is how this interview came to be and I am not at all ashamed.  Chris who is a native of Canada spent years as a web developer and learned that he really didn't like working for picky clients. While he is friendly, he just felt that this work was not really fulfilling him so he decided to try something sort of the same but different. 

Realizing he could still be a developer but there was a way to do it without picky clients, Chris decided to create apps for Shopify. He took his business from start up to replacing his full time income in...wait for it....3 months. He started in May and was good to go by October! If you are an introvert and looking fora  business that you can run without having to be very social, tune in!

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