Bringing Ideas to Life

Welcome to the fold! I love meeting new people and I hope you will stick around for a while. My name is Kellie McRae and I am what I refer to as a Breakthrough Consultant. 

I help you breakthrough your fears about starting an online business. My expertise is in creating new ideas to help you monetize. We work together to establish a blueprint for your business and help to fine tune it for success.  

I started my online career back in 2008 as a fashion blogger and I found it so much fun that I started sharing with others the passion. I tell people, I talk a lot but I am a very good listener. In my "day job" once upon a time, I was a Real Estate Sales Associate who won awards for sales volume (that means I sold a lot of homes) and for 100% customer service satisfaction.  My philosophy has not changed. Listen to my customer and offer them the absolute best options based on their needs. This is how I have grown my internet business as well.  

It's all about you and it's all about a win/win. If you have some general ideas and need them fine tuned or have no idea whatsoever what type of online business you should start, let's work to see if I can assist you. 

Kommon Sense with Kellie

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