How Are You Refilling Your Innermost Needs

Our lives are so busy that we often have to be reminded to slow down. Typically its our bodies that provide that reminder. All of a sudden fatigue kicks in and we are forced to realize we have been running ourselves ragged. Here’s the question, when are you realizing your insides, your heart and soul need a break?

Even when we take a break to rest, we are still on social media, we are consuming things into our minds but not truly taking the time to refill our innermost needs or even paying attention to them. I am what I call a joy junkie.

Recently, I was having drinks with a new acquaintance and she said that she wishes she was naturally happy and upbeat like me.



Recently, I was having drinks with a new acquaintance and she said she wished she could be naturally upbeat and happy like me. I took this as a compliment but I explained to her that this was not a natural state for me. I choose to be happy and because of this, I have to take breaks to replenish my happy levels.  I am not only in tune to my bodies needs but the needs of my spirit. I tend to my mental and emotional a lot more than I actually tend to my physical.

We take on stress and often don’t even realize it and not only do we not realize it but we don’t pay attention to how it actually affects our bodies and our attitudes. I know that we all have things to tend to in our day to day lives but because we are missing this important step, many of us are truly unhappy and have no idea why.

I have a few ideas on what you can do to just check in with yourself:

  • First thing in the morning before getting oout of bed, express gratitude. Don’t grab your phone to check your email or social media, take some time to acknowledge the importance of what you have been surrounded with. These don’t have to be big things. I am grateful when I can have a great cup of coffee, that my alarm clock went off on time if I have an early appointment, that I have a way to earn income, etc. Things you typically take for granted, put them in your own face and realize that things are not terrible, feeding your mind with good things that are present in your life offers you a different perspective on your surrounding.
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself one or two things about yourself that you love.  

    We often look for validation from outside of ourselves.  We want our families not to take us for granted, we want our co-workers to show gratitude when we do a good job, we want our bosses to appreciate us in the way of awards and pay raises but we rarely ever take time to express our own appreciation.  For example, I often tell myself that I am doing a great job of keeping people laughing, that I have a wonderful sense of humor, I remind myself that smiling at one stranger a day can brighten not just their day but mine too and that I have a stellar smile so I should share it. I also tell myself that it is wonderful of me to remind someone else of their greatness, that part of my talent lies in encouraging others. Now you may see this as me breaking my arm to pat myself on the back but why would you expect others to do things that you are not willing to do yourself and there is nothing wrong with recognizing what you are good at.
  • What’s the one thing that you can’t stand about yourself? We all have an easier time finding our flaws than we do the things that are wonderful about ourselves. That thing that jumped out of your mouth right away, ask yourself these questions: Can you change it? If not, then within that bad thing, what are the good things? Add that to the mirror routine. If you can change it, what is the first step in making it better and add that to your to do list and TAKE THAT FIRST STEP toward making it happen and falling in love with it.

Often we are missing opportunities to improve becaues we are too busy being busy with stuff that doesn’t really matter.  Check in with yourself, take time to nurture your attitude, your mental and spiritual.


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Kellie McRae, the force of nature known as The Hurricane In Heels. After a 17 year career in Real Estate and running a successful fashion blog called Sexy Bags & Shoes, she was forced to start her life all over again after a diagnosis rocked her world. After her diagnosis, she sold everything she owned in search of quality healthcare and moved to Thailand where she started sharing the wealth of knowledge that she learned in sales and as a laptop entrepreneur. She now does her best to inspire, motivate and lift others to their greatness through motivational speaking and podcasting.

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