Who Is In Your Corner?

It seems to me in this big old world of negativity that having people who will be in your corner no matte what is growing scarcer. When I was a child, my mother told me that to have 5 real friends, people you could truly count on would be a treasure. She told me that the word friend should be reserved for people who had shown themselves to be actual friends. Its counter to the facebook life we lead these days where everyone is a friend, whether you actually know them in real life or not. People get real seriuos too if you block or unfriend them but in real life, relationships either don't pan out or they wane and people seem to handle that better.

I personally have a preference for real people and as a direct result, have a wonderful inner circle that I can confide in and count on. Who in your life can you count on to be there through all that life tosses at you no matter what?





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Kellie McRae, the force of nature known as The Hurricane In Heels. After a 17 year career in Real Estate and running a successful fashion blog called Sexy Bags & Shoes, she was forced to start her life all over again after a diagnosis rocked her world. After her diagnosis, she sold everything she owned in search of quality healthcare and moved to Thailand where she started sharing the wealth of knowledge that she learned in sales and as a laptop entrepreneur. She now does her best to inspire, motivate and lift others to their greatness through motivational speaking and podcasting.

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