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It seems that people have a difficult time getting outside of their own heads. Thinking outside the box is my specialty. For years, I have been providing business owners with new and innovative ways to inject new life into their businesses. 

If you need a burst of new ideas, some positive energy and all with a tell it like it is, no nonsense flair for not taking life too seriously, then you might want to consider taking some time to chat with me now.

Don't take my word for it, here are a few happy folks whose businesses have benefited from my input. 

When I discoverd Kellie McRae, I was literally blown away! Who was this person? ‚Äč And, how can I become her friend?! LOL! She is a powerhouse like no other, and I'm not just saying that. Kellie is the mentor you always wished you had during your college years. You know what I mean? The one who helps you dream bigger and try at life. From her testimonials to her trainings no one leaves the same. She tells it like it is and challenges me to fight mediocrity at every step of my business journey.

Claire K.
Memphis, TN

For those that don't have the ability to have the traditional 9-5 or just don't want to anymore. Kellie McRae provides solid, practical advice for the entrepreneur. Finding ways to leverage your gifts, skills and talents isn't always intuitive. Kellie can help.

Victoria S.
Seattle, WA

Kellie McRae is such a powerhouse! She is such an inspiration and shows that if you put your mind to it you can achieve ANYTHING! Want to learn how to make coin? Then you should definitely work with Kellie!

Nicole W.
Seattle, WA
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